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Iron Empire

Posted by David

I've managed to sort out the new game script and so new games will now be starting on a regular basis, probably weekly, watch out! There's a bug that means turns weren't incrementing every 4 hours as they should so I've manually ran the cron and it is now OK, but turns will be only approximately every 4 hours for the moment.

Once the game is completed, it is hoped that the following features will be available:


  • Infinite map with varied terrain
  • Infinite number of players
  • Many varied military units to build

An example of the map screen from the game Many thanks to Charlie (Tigon) for creating the game logo you see at the top of the page. Thanks to inyati for some of the unit graphics and thanks to the countless people who have helped me with various PHP related queries I have had over the years too!

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A new game will be starting shortly, please visit the forums if you'd like to suggest the settings for it


Not another bug!

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